Elite Recordings record label now has its very own online radio station, on which we play music from recording artists

on the Elite label as well as artists not currently on the label.

Next show: Department K by Solid State Drive (the entire album, followed by tracks from other Elite label artists) Air time: 6pm GMT Tuesday 25th April 2017 (repeats until midnight) Show format: Music only, no presenter (a show including album and artist info will be aired next week) Stream quality: 192kbps LISTEN NOW!  Department K is available to purchase here:   (The radio station portal will open in a new tab, so you can continue browsing while you listen) Here are some of our new releases, which you can find in over 150 online music stores, including the following: Tunes Sony Entertainment Vevo Google Play Amazon on demand Youtube Amazon mp3 Tesco Digital Rhapsody 7digital Beats Music JB-HiFi Spotify Deezer HMV Digital Rdio Wimp Shazam
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Carlos Kaehler Live Album -
Carlos Kaehler
Soul Takers EP - The Secret
Twisted - The Soundtrack
Stranger - Lee Landers
Body Perfect - Crazy Dance
4 Play EP - Solid State Drive
Intelligent Design EP - Sixth
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